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2017 Platte River Half Marathon Re-cap

(Warning: I did not edit or proof just a dump of thoughts) Yesterday I partook in the Platte River Half Marathon. This half marathon is my longest race run since my full marathon in June 2016. There was no particular reason for the gap other than it just happened that way. I decided to run the race back in January when I was just running to run. Getting a race locked in was a great motivator. Getting my running in line with a set program did not go but I had a few key items in mind. 1, each week for a 10+ mile long run. 2, each week do a speed workout (intervals, 3×1; 3×2) items like that. 3, hit 40+ miles each week. The idea is to build my base without taxing my body going full throttle. That was the idea anyways…

The idea worked well until I decided to kick start my training for another race I recently signed up for, the Dirty 30 12 miler in June. Deciding I could tackle two trail runs in a week, I over did them and failed on my recovery. This was 3-4 weeks till the Platte River Half and the pain was becoming intense. The day after my Thursday Dino Relays my body decided to tell me it was through. For the first time in 3 years I took an ibuprofen. In hindsight I wish I could of resisted it, but I was doing bad on my eat style, bad on eating the normal anti-inflammatory foods, and too many donuts. The ibuprofen did take the pain away…for a few hours but it was back after that and with a vengeance. This time I decided to do an epsom salt bath. The bath felt great after that I decided to elevate my legs for 10 minutes. From here on out it was an epsom salt bath every 3 nights with elevating my legs through out the day in 10 minute intervals. I do not know how well it helped, as they still hurt, but that was better than the pills.

Recapping how the injury / soreness came about was the elevation ran and all the base miles I had been doing and negating my warmups / cooldown / recovery. Leading to 12 days off of running. I biked, lifted, and saunaed in an attempt to keep the fitness. The final week before my half marathon was upon me and I decided to try my luck with doing light runs with a mile or so sub 8 minute mile pace. I also started to line out my hypothyroid and started back on my eating style (low carb, high fat) and monitored it strictly to under 50g of carbs / day. The diet change and thyroid were effective and slower miles worked well but the miles still hurt a lot. My goal was to have 17 miles prior to the Platte River half marathon and met that goal. The night before I decided to go all out and carb up with pizza instead of the usual cereal or sushi. I enjoyed the pizza a ton! I did not sleep very well that night, as with most race nights I think the carb up just gives me so much energy I have a hard time sleeping. I didn’t want to take my melatonin that I usually take when I have a hard time sleeping because I didn’t want to risk being groggy during the race.

Race morning! I was way excited and woke up right on time, despite lack of sleep I slept at least a couple hours. I had my clothes all laid out and everything I want to take and do done. I packed my bag with extra shoes, shorts, shirt, hoodie, and ZMA for after the race. As with all of my races I did not eat or drink anything other than water. I would of taken a Vespa, but forgot I was out of stock and had none (time to re-order). Filled my water bottle, got in my truck, and left my house around 6:15. Arrived at the station and got my bib then went and sat in my truck. At about 7:15am I took my 50mg caffeine pill to ensure a system dump (I opt for this over coffee to avoid heartburn). Then waited till 7:25ish for my warm up. I planned to do a 2 mile strict warm-up at 11 minute miles. This was mainly due to my injured knee / quad / whatever it is and make sure it was running on all cylinders. It wasn’t and hurt a bit but I was determined to run it, whether it broke me or I had to walk it in. Race was about to start lined up with Julia, as we both had a similar goal and then away we went. I decided to try and start off around 7:15/7:20 pace, which I did for the first 2 miles and then screwed up thinking I could jump to 6:55’s and hold it. In hindsight, I should of done 7:20;7:15;7:10;7:05;7:00;6:59;6:58…etc. But I felt better than I had anticipated and thought I could hold a 7:00 flat pace at least. One day I will negative split a race!

Felt strong and unstoppable until mile 6-7 when my right hip started to ache. My quad and knee felt fine but now this hip. I kept on it and kept pushing what seemed like an all uphill race. The nice thing with the race was that there was always someone in front of me that was within ‘reach’ of passing. That kept me motivated. I passed a few people and was passed by a few people. It all worked out well. At mile 10 I took a small shot of Nuun as I just barely started to get thirsty. Figuring I could use some electrolytes and not wanting to risk a salt pill, I went that route. Whether this helped or not I am unsure but I kept going. Finally it was the final turn and all the sudden the overpass is upon me. Not expecting it, as I did not look at the race map at all, it was disheartening, but my watch said only 1/2 mile left. I can do this. I pushed hard and got passed one more time by a nice 50 yearold+ guy! I could not catch him again but I did end up passing one more guy after I saw Dan and Tyler cheering me on telling me to kick it. I kicked it indeed! Total time, 1:34:03 for a race I thought I would have to cancel and eat the money or just walk. Out of everything from the race it is awesome knowing the person who took 2nd place overall, the best cheer gang out there, and especially the friends who gave me a ride so I didn’t have to ride the light rail! After the ride and a free donut, I decided to hit the sauna up to get a head start on my recovery. Rolled a little more aggressively than I should of but it felt good and I felt like 110% after.

Today I am extremely sore and I feel my quads way more than my knee, which makes me happy that the issue might just be my quadriceps all along and the knee was masking the real area. Now to get into a chiropractor for this hip and take a nice light week this week until I start my 12-miler Dirt Thirty training.

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