There are poop fairies, they’re just lazy

The past week has been full of ups and downs. Having a hypothyroid I find myself swinging moods constantly and it seems to increase after a hard race or training week. Still trying to figure out if I need an extra pill or two a week before a race or … Read the rest

One Heck of a Week

This week has had some major ups and downs and I have just been busy as can be at work. On Saturday we went to look at a house where the Realtor description was basically a complete lie. It got us there, but I was pissed they tried to deceive … Read the rest

The Days of Old … Not That Old

Well this past week has been full of ups and downs. The big thing is I am feeling better after my first full night of sleep without interruption. Work has been going well and been decently busy, which I like. Still putting up with the Government stuff wears on you … Read the rest