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Fear of the Run

Have you ever had that day where you were just afraid to go running? Although you have been on the run many times before there is still that fear. Fear of the distance, the time, the effort, and even fear of failure. You tell yourself that it is all in your head, which indeed it is, but the fear is still there. For me this happened today on my supposed to be ten mile run, that turned into seven miles. This is the first run my gut really did not feel right and the fear did not subside, like it usually does. I know that failure is impossible because simply put the act of just getting outside and running even a mile is a success. Why am I afraid? I am still searching for the answer because I do not know. I am not fearful of something happening to me or not happening to me. I know I can run the distance as I have done longer runs in the past.

The only thing I can think of is that I am too into my head right now and with ramping up my miles the past two weeks might be having an affect on my mental state. That and my diet has not been the best at all. Hopefully we can figure this out and get it re-mediate because it was not fun having the fear the whole run and not being able to complete the actual ten miles like I wanted to. Overall the training is going well; however, I feel like I am not doing enough speed work or going fast enough. I guess we will see at my five-K race this month just exactly how well I progressed. Anything under 6:40 minute miles will be a success. As with anything in life, running is still a challenge for me to do every day, even though I enjoy immensely I struggle to just get out and run. On days when I have the fear of the run, it is even harder.

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