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There are poop fairies, they’re just lazy

The past week has been full of ups and downs. Having a hypothyroid I find myself swinging moods constantly and it seems to increase after a hard race or training week. Still trying to figure out if I need an extra pill or two a week before a race or just recognize it and try to boost myself up with more family time after. After my YetiChase 10K PR, I am now training for a trail 5K where I want to at least get 7 minute miles or better (actually would love 6:45’s) but I am not strong on trail races. The best part is I will be running the race with a bunch of friends and as a team, so I have to do awesome for my team and I am hoping that boosts me beyond 6:45’s!

Monday the training week started out with recovering from the 10K using the Dry and Wet sauna’s with a rolling pipe and then soaking in a hot tub for 5 minutes to alleviate the weight on my legs. Then the same day I felt good enough to do a trail run up Green Mountain in my new Altra LonePeaks. The run was good but muddy in a lot of sections, and in hindsight I probably should of turned around after the first patch. I did my best to not make a major impact on the trails by walking when appropriate, which I think also helped with the recovery by not going hard and fast for a long period with a constantly changing cadence. My Achilles were tight and calves as well and I rolled out before getting back to the office. Overall Monday was a productive training day and though my mood was a bit somber, with the high of the 10K race fading, it was a great day overall.

Tuesday was completely different than Monday. I did not get a run in before some snow and ice came out and being on the downhill high from the race on Sunday I decided to try and run 6 miles on the treadmill. Well that was all good intentions but I did not account for the soreness and with the consistent cadence and stride, I decided 2 miles was good enough and better to let myself rest. Tuesday ended with 2 miles, at least it ended with miles.

Wednesday was much like Tuesday except I got a lift in, treadmill jog, and a sauna jog. This amounted to around 2 miles with 12 minutes of the sauna jogging in place. The sauna jog is probably one of my favorite things to do because it is a nice steady jog but your heart rate rises to where it is like you are running your hardest, without running your hardest. I do not know how much of a difference this makes in training but I enjoy it. The lifting was rough as I did just a bit of the lifting and focused more on the core. My core is weak and I know it so I really need to improve that by doing 15-20 minutes of core each day, it is just one of those things you know but have trouble actually doing.

Thursday I was supposed to get up and do a group run with #PlayGldn, my favorite running group, but that night Natalie decided it would be fun to scream the whole night so I had no sleep and missed my alarms (yes alarms!). I like to say I sinned when I miss #PlayGldn because it is a small group and I feel that anytime I miss it I am letting down Dan, Julia, and Mike. To sort of make up for it I ran 11 miles at a workout pace, with 1 mile x 3 times during the run at a harder pace. That went well for the first mile of the 1×3, but the later two I feel I failed myself but am not sure if I had anything left in me to push harder. I was elated though after running the 11 miles, a bit sore just to be there as an annoyance.

Friday I had planned to do a run to the Gym and use the sauna, lift, and then run back. Instead I went out to lunch with coworkers and ate a Bonzai Burrito from Wahoo’s, which was the most carbs I have eaten in a long time and did not sit well with me. When I got home from work, around 3:30pm, I decided to try and get a quick 4-5 mile run in before Lyndsey had to take Natalie to swimming. It was a success, but very slow 10 minute miles because I had the heavy burrito in me and I rarely run after eating food. During the run there was a ton of goose poop and dog poop on the Weaver Creek trail and thus I deemed the run “There is a Poop fairy, she’s just lazy.” making light of the fact that the poop fairy is the pet owners themselves just being a bit lazy.

Today was supposed to start early but being me I chose to sleep in instead of doing my 15 mile run at 6am. My plan today is to still get the 15 miles in, which will be mostly trail miles in my LonePeaks at BearCreek, but it will just be later after Lyndsey gets back from dealing with Girl Scout cookies. Hopefully I can at least get 10 miles in today and then do 15 miles tomorrow. The goal for the week is 45 miles and I am sitting at 25 right now. If all else fails I will just do 2 x 10 mile runs to meet the goal but anything over would be gravy.

The week is still not over and I know I have my hardest miles to come, but I am on the upswing from my down moments of the week and looking forward to next week and getting stronger for the 5K relay coming up! After the 5K I move on to the Platte Half Marathon where I want to try and break 1:30!

Enjoy life however you want to enjoy it, just try not to make others miserable while doing so!

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